01 July, 2009

Some comeback limericks

Anne sent me a limerick a long time back:

There was once a time when books slowly dwindled,
Bibliophiles everywhere felt nothing but swindled,
They wanted their books,
By hook or my crook,
But alas, in the end, all of them Kindled!

Which did inspire me to a reply...

The creation of Kindle is but another sign,
That everything else being idiotic, asinine,
Writing shall live on,
Or keep being reborn,
As epaper, Gutenberg, or blogs on-line!

And here are two about computer addiction:

I open my laptop and start wondering what
I should now type in the address bar slot,
Waste my time, and uncycle,
Or old limericks recycle?
But I just stare and the screen and do naught.

For now, I say, I shall stay with just chatting,
Maybe later I shall play online, combating,
And as I ignore my study,
And (the rare) offline buddy,
In the next exam, I will end up splatting!

Depressing, eh? True. But today I've got variety for you. :D (And that rhymed!)

There was once an exam in College Streets,
Everyone copied, and handed in the sheets,
When the teacher spotted it,
He promptly went into a fit,
"If you copy, do copy not John Doe, but Keats!"

Now, A limerick-poem:

Attack of the Troll

A simple forum disrupted, treated with scorn,
On youtube whether it's movie, song or porn,
Or an odd post on your blog,
Suddenly invaded by a hog
Welcome the troll, who's blowing his/her horn!

Whatever you wrote, was it well founded/checked?
Why did, if so, your world-lines intersect?
They'll stumble onto any small
Mistake on your Webwall,
And chastise you for being too politically correct!

What will you do now to gain a little traction?
And save all your posts, or the remaining fraction,
Just click the brain's 'ignore' switch,
Or maybe ban that revolting snitch,
Or just fart in the what-not's general direction!

Do comment. :)


  1. I liked the poem, once you explained 'troll'.

  2. What kind of a person are you? You don't know what a troll is? It is because of people like you that India will one day become a Muslim country. People like you and Anonick should be deported from India...

    Oh boy... those were the days... My all time favourite places to troll were Hindu fundies. Easy pickings. You could hijack any thread about anything and get away with it.

  3. Well, good to see some lims after such a long time. I was starting to visit some other limericks site to get my dose of lims... Do one thing. While in the train or in the loo, keep thinking up new lims. That way you will have a constant supply of lims ready for your limerick starved readers.