05 December, 2008

The Largest, but not the Greatest

 Before we elect our parliament, we don't know who will be the Prime Minister. 

 Who is this Ashok Chavan, and who knew him day before yesterday? How many people voted for him so that he would become CM? 

 All I want is transparency. High Command, fuck you. 


  1. At least the guy seems to be more sensible than Vilasrao. But the Deputy CM, Chagan Bhujbal is a complete asshole. The whole arrangement is to appease the OBC vote bank, which I hope has learnt lessons from the attacks and will vote not for caste but for leadership.

  2. When Barack Obama won, people in India began talking about a 'dalit' leader. When will people rise above this mentality? Obama did NOT win because he was black. He won because he presented himself as a great leader with a lot of potential. How many of our dalit leaders are educated to a caliber comparable to Obama's?

  3. i agree with all...and would like to add ..
    fuck the bastards.

  4. Bowldlerize your language, young men.