08 December, 2008

Iambic Limericks

I basically wrote these to practice the iambic pentameter (my regular readers will know that I don't know any metre... but I'm learning, learning, from Stephen's Fry witty and awesome "The Ode Less Travelled".)

(The middle two lines will, of course, be iambic trimeter.)

(And, I know normal limericks don't use iambs.These are just for practice. :) )

There was a clever girl from Kentucky
But ending with line two is not lucky
I write three more of them
Her name begins with M
I never knew more, she was too plucky!

My love, like light, but slow, descends on me
But I, nerdy, start feeling too physicsy
It does not slow, the light
Has constant time for flight
Be one too drunk, frenzied, despo or sexy!

I knew a potter living in a street
He'd make his pots with newly washen feet
But soon numerous fans
Discovered that ol' Hans
Often made them, employing both the hands!

The third one uses a phyrric substitution, and has an aabbb scheme... I know! ;)

Tell me if you like them! I'm writing lims after a loooong time! :D


  1. They are a 'Juno' meets 'Little Miss Sunshine' meets 'The Grudge 2'... Not your best dude, but lacked the imagination I know you have. But I guess you were more into the metre in these so you can add '...meets 'Ice Age'. to the above.

  2. Good attempt. It doesn't flow as well as one would hope, but a good attempt at a poetic mashup if I may.

    It might be just me, but the last line of the second limerick feels incomplete from a purely iambic point of view. I'm reading it without an final long syllable.

  3. Damn, yeah, you're right.

    I've rectified it... now it has a feminine ending, suitable for 'sexy'. ;)

  4. Still doesn't fit mate. I'm reading sexy as *sec*C*. Now I'm getting an extra syllable. Perhaps: "Be one too drunk, frenzied or so sexy!"?

  5. Damn, I knew I'd screw up my metre. I'm not too good at this... *sob* .

    Or... not. Hehe, just confirmed from my friend well-conversant in British English that it's *SEC*c* . :)

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. I'll use it if I'm proved wrong.

  6. thay're ok. at least you're experimenting with new things, growing is always a good thing :)
    ...unless you're talking about a tumor...

  7. Are you kidding me?!!!! This is the very book I'm reading these days, whenever I have the time and not sleeping or writing in my blog or not worrying uselessly about the exams and the profound mysteries associated with the female mind!

    In short, yet to start reading it. :) Bought it when I was there in Mumbai. :)

    coincidence, eh? :)

  8. The mind boggles @ coincidences. Anyhow, me being the lazy slob that I am, I am progressing very slowly through the book... because... it has... exercises! :(

  9. Of the many sites OW wins,
    talking with Chook and Jim about sins,
    etc, etc,
    Something about Jan's cupcakes, Taupey, etc.
    I don't remember the rest.