28 February, 2007


Well, exams are on now, so no "important" posts. But, entertaining ones, yep. :D

As I recently discovered, chatting is more inspirational than anything in generating limericks... and, as with the previous post, this contains chattericks too. Charmaine wrote many this time, and hers are better than mine, seriously. :)

So, here they are...


There was a girl who was homely
And she's not be bored, if only
Her entertainer would
entertain her brood-
ing cries of "I'm so lonely!"

(Charmaine )

My friend Rahul hates to be outdone,
But for some reason thinks physics is fun.
Forget bio and chem,
He'll have none of them.
Yes, he loves the subject most shun!


There was a man who loved physics
And he also liked Hindi musics
And, of course, lims
But his whims
gave way when nothing rhymed with physics!

To which she replied: "I was just clever enough to know nothing rhymed with physics"

I had an ice-cream once at a small,
Little, funny, cute ice-cream stall
It was very purple
I was all "slurple"
I almost spilled half of it all!


Orange? Purple? I prefer green!
A prettier colour has yet to be seen!
Though it's true,
I'm rather partial to blue,
magenta and even tangerine


There was a girl who just hated math
She'd have rejoiced if the school hath
just banned the calculus
There would just be less fuss
And she'd express less rage and wrath!

I hope I study real hard and well
Otherwise my resume just wont sell
And when I want a job
I'll be shown the doorknob...
Life will just be as hard as hell!


What's your utterly silly fascination
With division, integration, differentiation?
All types of math, for that matter?
Multiplication is filling our chatter!
Though your lims are exceeding expectation!

(Rahul) Two two liners:

All I said was fine
Now I have
to come up with a line!

Differentiation is tittilation
Integration is asphyxiation!

Liked them? Hope you liked mine too ;-). Do comment. :-)


  1. Seriously, her lims are better than yours. Hang up your boots bro and start re-working that resume... Might as well sell peanuts in a coffee shop.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, bro. :P

    Well, I hope there will be more chattericks in the future. And, yeah, i hope i can be better :P.

  3. Lol! You guys are so sweet!

    Peanuts at a coffee shop? Lol!

    But Anonick, I thought yours were good :) But if you're really worried about the quality of your lims maybe it's just exam stress that's getting you down :)