25 February, 2007


I was chatting with Charmaine the other day, and made some on-the-spot limericks... :D Limericks develop nicely in chat (especially with girls... lol).

So are the "chattericks"...

There was a man from Indonesia
Who wanted to tour the rest of Asia
He started from India
Where he met Lyndia
He's never going back to Indonesia!

This she wrote:

But Rahul, I can't write!
I'm simply not that bright.
I can draw, I can read
admittedly at speed.

The following are more I wrote during the conversation:

(Her status message was "procrastinating, yet again", and she was also complaining it was hot down there in Australia...)

The girl said "There's rain!"
It doesn't help my brain
Now, "it's too hot"
When she's caught
Procrastinating, yet again!

Exams are near, but chat paramount
Said the boy, atop his plastic mount
And delayed study
His brain was muddy
So now he can't even count!

(She said, "entertain me!")

The look, so sweet, in her eyez
Even though she may be telling liez
When she sayns
"please entertains"
How can i do anything but obliz!

(Finally, she typoed a lot, so..)

Typoe, typol, buty me must sa
Its annoyingf to receive, but heey
As longh asd you
undersand to
I hav no problems withg stypoing away!

Hehe, well, do comment! :D


  1. Wow! This is what I call fireworks! The girl is good, and I daresay even better? Make her a co-author for your limericks posts, I'd like to see more of her limericks; yours are boring anyway...

  2. Awwww! Aren't you sweet... although saying AnoNock's lims are boring isn't that nice, and you know how I feel about being nice :P