10 December, 2006


Many Poems have been written about ghosts... this is rather a cliched topic. But here is my take:

Night, Fright, Dark, Un-bright
Amid silence, a knock on my door
Knock, Knock, Knock.
I see my clock, it's eleventy twenty
The doorknob's as cold as the floor.

The door is shaking, Neighbours not waking
My hand shivers, I turn the knob
My leg quivers, Eyes say "Fright!!
It's a ghost in white!"

With trembling voice I say
"I don't fear ghosts! Nay!"
But white senses my lack
Of conviction, as I step back.

"You may be a ghost, I don't care!
I'll roast you such, you won't bear!"
I step towards it.

With sweaty palms, i grab it's coat
Can't just stand and let it float...
I know I'm dead meat, as I pull the sheet.

The sheet in my hands, I look around
Nothing in sound, or sight
Again, up my spine, is a light touch,
Moving fast, moving slow, it's FRIGHT!

Somehow I try to run, but
I have gone weak in the knees.
I fall down, but still can't see it
It's up my spine, like a swarm of bees
It's into my head, then down my knees.

The floor breaks, my head quakes
As my soul wakes...

As I was lifted out of my lifeless body
The invisible poltergeist looked warier
Apparently, my own ghost is scarier!


  1. Cool poem, really appreciate it. Nice work. One of your better work, I must say after the string of psychobabble, morality, freedom and faith.

  2. i like your poems...come visit my blog and possibly link to it...i'm writing one original limerick every day for the next year!

  3. :D I love your poems! They're so... cool

  4. Lovely poem..especially the end ..