11 October, 2006

Sexual Limericks II

I posted a sexual limericks post some weeks back, here's one again ;-).

NOT safe for work... lol!

No one would have sex, only grunt
On seeing the woman's huge cunt
She explained, when a child
She was a teen, very wild
And she had sex with an elephant!

OK, that was sick... lol. Here's another one

I do not ask for a pretty mermaid
I just want a strong and firm aid
With nice conversation
In my love relation
And, yeah, a passage for my spermade

And the last one:

A sight of cleavage, or even a bra
Or even animal sex, lion, zebra
Will turn on a man
Who's a huge fan
Of the cute little pill called Viagra!

Hope you liked, and didn't mind the obscenity. The last time I posted, there were calls to go "all the way"... have I crossed a line? Naah... er... I guess ;-).


  1. It was certainly a better effort than Sexual Limericks Part 1. I really enjoyed these limericks over the previous ones. But yes, as you might think, you have not crossed the limit, yet. More erotism and imagination could be expressed in the limericks. Also a dig at alternative sexuality will be fun, try it. Hope there are more sexual limericks in store. And try and come up with a better name for them. A sexual limerick sounds like a sexually transmitted disease ! Not that it would have been bad for us if it were a disease.

  2. Yeah, these were better... very... um... I don't know how to put it... lol