14 October, 2006

Random Thoughts - 14/10/06

*Warning: This post is sloppily written. No different from others here, you say?

Well, it's time for some Random Thoughts again. My net access at home is down, and my exams just ended, so I have had no time to organise my thoughts. Randomness rules k? , o

Exam Time

The day the exams are over
It feels like you're on auto-hover
Like you've found a charm
There's no cause for alarm
Like you've found a four-leaf clover!

Well, my exams ended today. Not very stressful, but they were somewhat deteriorating to my conscience. I mean, next year is my final year of undergraduation, and what I need the kind of progress that will help me pass with, to use a cliche, "flying colours". So, what exams tell me is, I need to study more.

Anyway, that's all about the exams. I'll have to wait till the results. Till then, I don't wanna think. Not thinking about something is the best form of facing a fear. Or so say cowards.

Life without the internet

Well, how do you suppose is life without the internet? It's like life without a life support system. Only when my net connection at home goes down, do I realise how much the the net means to me. I spend hours on the PC daily, surfing the net: uncyclopedia, forums, google groups, and... er... "whatnot". But when I have no net access, I am at a loss. I get bored, don't know what I should do. A geek, I am.

Difference of Opinions

There lived a wife with her husban
Who got divorced in six mon
Because when the wife
Asked for a kitchen knife
He brought a brand new shotgun!
("You know I kill rabbits for fun
I thought you wanted the same, hon! ")

OK, that was a 7-line limerick, er, poem.

Most of the times, the only thing that starts tiffs, and prevents effective dialogue, is a failure to understand a difference of opinion. What I've seen so far in my life is that people can be different as night and day, yet still live without fights. This may not be the case with spouses, but atleast with neighbours, classmates, and even countries, understanding and adjusting can prevent a lot of fights.

As Celine (Julie Delphy) says in "Before Sunrise": "If there is any magic in the world, it must be in the understanding of another person...". Once you get past the barrier of a difference of opinions, you'll find yourself understanding others, and adjusting yourself to the world. A win-win situation.

OK, enough preaching. I hate being preached to, and I'll hate myself if I preach to you. It's one thing to say something, and another to actually do it. I can very well say that understanding others is the greatest good, but if I go and quarrel with my mother because she wants to watch a daily soap, but my favourite movie is on, I'll have done nothing.

A leader leads by example. And of course, he has to be right too.


  1. So true about the difference of opinion. I guess that is why new ideas and workable solutions are brought forward. It is nice to even disagree sometimes, but one must not try and force one's opinion down the other's throat.
    ( I let my mom watch the soaps. )
    Anyway coming to Julie Delphy, her accent in the movie made me quite horny. Can I have the movie? Please?

  2. "Anyway coming to Julie Delphy, her accent in the movie made me quite horny. Can I have the movie? Please?"

    Lol! I'm sorry, that made me giggle.

    Speaking of difference of opinions, that goes for how you see the world too. I mean not everone sees the world the same but people usually think everyone thinks the way they do and that usually leads to misunderstanding and arguments and stuff... I don't know if that made sense but you're not the only one to in crazy brain exam mode, AnoNick!

  3. Oh noes, life without the internet =O That's definitely not good.

  4. Life without net sucks.

    Could you write some more of those two-liners? I liked them better than the limericks.