30 October, 2006

Limericks - 30/10/2006

Well, I'm sorry I did not post for the past few days. :-) My next post will continue my movie series with a review-cum-appreciation of "The Godfather".

Well, so here are a few limericks to (I hope) lighten your day :-) :

Cant a guy be allowed to relaxi?
Just as I was catching a taxi
My friend observed to me
"Grow thin, if want a beauty"
But, Tell me, can't fat girls be sexy?


Work, work, is not what I want
I don't even want to read Kant
I just wanna sleep,
Say words like... *bleep*
And no studies around to haunt! :D

And, finally, a surreal tri-limerick:

Beneath the bottomless

As my PC pulled a clever trick
And my chair did stunts aerobic
I fell through my carpit
Into a bottomless pit
I began to get claustrophobic...

Finally, when, I fell to the ground
I discovered a toxin-scented mound
Now's need to scream
To get out of my dream
But I was not at all asleep, I found!

Although it hurts, the constant pinching
I'll try and get out of here, inching
My climb of four feet
Of the endless peet
As I come out, I die in a mob lynching!

Hope you liked them... I'll try to make a more meaningful one next time ;-).
Do comment.


  1. Hey I guess the lims are okay. Sorry buddy, but that's all I can say. Where has your talent gone? What has happened to you? It seems that the rhyme in the limericks was forced. They don't seem to have come out of an old hand like you. At best they are amateurish. Think clearly man, we don't want more lims, just the cool ones we know you can come up with.

  2. I'd have to agree with the 'soul. Love your work, but the later stuff is getting a little thin...