10 August, 2006

Sexual Limericks

It's a serious warning, this one: This post contains sexual references. Read only if you're comfortable with em ;-) .

Well, there're people who say that limericks must contain sexual innuendo. While I don't subscribe to the opinion (fun can be found at other places too) ... I do like, as everybody does, limericks with sexual innuendo. Many can be found here. I've written some, kinda inspired by the ones at the link:

One rather nice camel in Iran
Did what anyone would, and can
When she felt her master
Beginning to get faster
She just pushed him out, and ran!

Slowly, surely, it begins to take form
The crown jewel of the kingdom
Anything it sets it's eye on
Is heavily blowed upon
When it's done, unleashes a storm!

There was a young man of Cuttack
Who liked not boob, but buttack
His troubles grows-ed
Because when he dozed
His head found the wrong place to tuck

Lol... but that last one was forced... I dunno if I'm good at sexual limericks. Anyway, do comment... I'll try to improve. :-)


  1. well, as the previledged few always do, i did see some of the l'ricks before they were posted. the ones who say l'ricks should not contain sexual innuendo, are completely off their willy. (another innuendo.... i am good at this too!)
    well though the l'ricks were nice, i'd like to see more direct references to sex organs, orientations, sex-capades, you know...the stuff.

  2. I especially liked the first one; the rhythm there is really smooth (except maybe the last line; try reading it with and without the "just" and see which one you prefer; it seems to work better without the "just" for me).

    Also, just as sonnets are primarily for love, but also for anything else, I say limericks are primarily for sex, but also for anything else. Cheers!

  3. Lol! I'm sorry that post made me giggle! (I'm a 17yo girl and reserve the right to giggle incessantly :P)
    Although I thought some were a bit obscure. It's not often you find me endorsing explicit detail on someones (sordid :P) views on sex but just this once I agree it's called for. If you're gonna go there might as well do it in the most wildly indiscreet manner possible :)