09 August, 2006

Poll, and Counter

Well, I've added a poll and a counter on this left. They're free, and from Bravenet.

I couldn't get the right colour for the poll.. do tell me if it looks bad.

I'll be a-posting, don't worry. Just wanted your opinion on the changes. :)


  1. yeah buddy, it does look like it's from a mike myers movie. try and get another colour or a another poll meter. anyway nice changes. let me know how to get them too, so i can add tem to my blog too !

  2. I got a counter from the start, but a poll... maybe I'll do that later on, once I get more traffic ^^ And as for the first poll, I went with "Definitely"; it's light verse, which a category of poetry (and a respectable one that doesn't get enough attention nowadays).