24 March, 2010

I love to write my poetry

Well, here comes, from the creative drylands of my brain, not so much a parody as an extension of I love to do my homework. I have tried to preserve the style of the poem, and I hope you feel it's written by an eight-year old. The moral/effect of the original I've tried to keep, but mind you this is a slightly different poem. Tell me what you think.

I love to do my homework (extended)

I love to get up early
And dress neatly for school
I love to carry books and books
And my sweater of wool

I love to wear my clothes
I wear them crisp and clean
I love the bullies dropping sauce
Those guys are just so mean

I love to do my homework
It makes me feel so good
I love to do exactly
As my teacher says I should.

I love to answer questions
As soon as teachers ask
I love to raise my hand up high,
Perform each science task

I love to top the math tests
I do it all the time
I also love my history books
And poetry and rhyme

I love to come back early
Or even come back late
I love my mom and dad so much
But they seem so afraid

I love to do my house chores
And read the books I've got
I love my mom who told me
To let the TV rot

I love to do my homework
I do it spick and span
I love to do exactly
As my mother says I can

I loved my mom and dad a lot
I killed them yesterday
I even love the men in white
Who're taking me away

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