03 June, 2009

Science Journalism


I wonder how many journalists bunked the class when they were taught "correlation != causation". 


  1. Pretty much all of them! Also the biology classes. This is not how evolution works.

  2. What crap! It has been happening in India since ages. But even a few decades ago, the average age of mortality was low for both men and women. Studies have shown that such studies are not conducted in scientific manner. The sample sizes are low to begin with. And a man who marries a much younger woman would have probably been rolling in green which made the woman marry him in the first place. So he would have elevated levels of health care which could contribute to the supposed longevity. There should be a study on this. But it won't involve me for sure! Maybe you... You have always been attracted to younger women. Or any and every woman for that matter. Jennifer Connelly is a case in point.

  3. oh sigh. i love it when you try to explain to people why that sort of logic just doesn't work and they respond with "but it can't just be a coincidence". it sort of can...