13 February, 2009

Limericks, again!

After a break of... I have stopped keeping count :( ... here are some lims I made up with Charmaine in a conversation a few days ago.

This needs context: Charmaine's status message was "speak only if you can entertain"... and limericks are the only way in which I can, really ;) ... so, here are the limericks that passed to and fro in the conversation:

there was a girl who, tongue-in-cheek
whenever bored, would entertainment seek
she told her friends
do make amends
and only if you can entertain, speak!

(some conversation)

Me again (a quartet):

and now that you have, she spake
do keep me entertained, for heaven's sake
or stop wasting my precious time
and go away, offline, invisible, you slime!


it's good i don't have to explain
you're only here to entartain
you're wasting my time
when you don't rhyme
and even then half the time you're so lame!


and now that I have to keep this up
I have to keep making up, making up
and the road I choose
to avoid the noose
is to use my cup to fill up my cup!

(ie, writing about writing to entertain, sigh, metaphor)

(conversation, and then bye-byes...)

 Tell me you liked them! :)


  1. I did. Especially the last one. Very entertaining. :D

  2. u seem to use way too many innuendos :P
    do u inspire nikita? (i'm so getting stabbed for this...!!)

  3. Hehe... was the innuendo thing a compliment? ;)

    Do I inspire Nikita... hmm, even I haven't asked her. ;) I hope I do encourage her. :D

  4. I was feeling pretty bored(irritated, actually) before I read them(probably because I blew my topology paper today), so the limericks came as a nice change, after the bit conceited "Look at birthday cake!" post...

  5. Innuendos...in this case are wholly in Madhura's distorted mind. Umm...sorry Anonick,you don't really 'inspire' me (hold on a second, Madhura's into innuendos! This is proof!)Like your style though.