10 October, 2008

A Webcomic, by me!

 Well, just go here: http://ipgs-comics.blogspot.com .

 It's heavily xkcd-inspired. :) More in the first post there... (well, second post, actually, because it had to be on top, so I posted the intro after posting my first comic ;) ).

 I want to get back to limericks too. :) Lets see...


  1. The comic is nice, but you really need to work on your drawing dude, those guys look like spaghetti(or even worse, pubes!). Why not try and learn to draw stick figures? That will help keep it clean.

  2. meh! clean is over-rated :P

    but seriously, it's nerdtastic! :D your drawing skills could be improved, but the more you draw, the better you get! so keep going!!