15 October, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Usually, I dont succumb to mass media hype, but hey, this is important. Ask Sweden.

It's blog action day, and many participating blogs are going to post stuff on the environment. But I say, no publicity like Nobel publicity, eh? Still, I ought to put in my two cents worth.

Originally, I thought, lets redirect to Anne's blog, I'm too lazy. But then I saw her blog, and, well, her post is, shall we put it, under construction as yet. So, I shall have to write an original.

I'll concede... no, confess, first of all, that I'm not very environment conscious. It's customary with me to throw stuff all over the place, regardless of it's plasticity. Other than that, I am not really a big polluter. I'm a supporter of public transport, and cleaner fuel. (Electricity isnt going to do much good, though. We need to use renewable fuels, not just "other" sources of fuels. What electricity will do, is increase our dependence on nuclear (or coal) power, thus harming the environment, again.)

Coming back to throwing things anywhere, outside the dustbin even if there is one nearby, one of my friends has a great strategy: she picks up anything anyone in the group throws on the street (ignoring her warnings), and puts it in the dustbin. Even if the toffee wrapper lands in a pool of dirty water, she'll pick it up and put it in her bag even, until she gets to a proper waste disposal site (um, dustbin). Makes the guy (usually me) who threw the wrapper feel so embarrassed he wont do it again, atleast until he forgets the memory. Sort of Gandhism, and effective too. She isn't becoming a subject of ridicule for going against the tide. She's influencing us to join her.

I would speak about greenhouse gases, and global warming too. But why don't you rent "An Inconvenient Truth" instead? It's from possibly the first guy to win an Oscar and a Nobel. Beat me to it, he did. ;)

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