13 August, 2007

Cartoonicks, once again.

Along with a couple of limericks by yours truly. ;)

One might wonder where squirrels got tails
Or the neighbouring farmer got his sharp rails
Where the pirates sail
Why the song is stale
Or why this dominatrix didn't cut her nails!

There was a girl called Elizabeth
(This is about the queen, you bet?)
But whatever is your fancy
Queen liz won't get as dancy
As the Bennet they named Elizabeth!

(Lame, but a popular book reference has got to count for something ;). )

Here are the promised cartoonicks. :D They're getting better with every post!


  1. The P&P lim was cute! :)

  2. Well, I did not enjoy these cartoonicks the way I enjoyed the previous ones. Anonick has not been blogging too often, and I guess it shows in the limericks. Write more lims, more often and I am sure they will be back to the level they were before...

    Charmaine draws really well... How many times should I say that now?

  3. Giggles! Thanks! Although it may not be a good idea to encourage me, I'm starting to draw when I should be studying! Lol!

  4. The exam one is pretty cool ^^