23 July, 2007

Limericks and a cartoonick

Well, I'm busy with physics and college right now, but I did take the time off to write a few limericks:

There are equations, and equations, and equations
Then there are derivations, questions, and patience
There's so much of homework
You are greeted with a smirk
But don't worry, physics has it's perks! (On occasion)

From the Point of view of a girl:

It's so very boring being a clerk
Just when yours boss is being a flirt
And charming you up
HIS boss shuts him up
And it's again back to paper work!

A little poem... I don't know what to call it....

He sees a skirt, "I'll show you I can flirt"
You like her a bit, but he's much more fit
"Stay back, and watch: As smooth as scotch"

He goes up to her, says,
I've been watching you for days...
You're first on the list,
Of this theoretical physicist...

Before you can say, "Boo, I'm one too!"
"I don't like nerds," she scoffs, "especially a prof!"

And finally, as promised in the title, the cartoonick (Which I'm sure was most awaited... Charmaine's work is great, brilliant, and creative... I must say that the limerick is mine though :D)

Comment, I like feedback (so does Charms). :)


  1. The cartoonick was the most awaited and did not disappoint. Charmaine draws really well, though the limerick was not much, her drawing turned it into a marvelous piece. The other lims were okey-dokey. Way to go, both of you!

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  3. As always I loved your lims, they were too cute, and I love drawing them (well... some anyway :P) :)

    But you're way too generous when it comes to your compliments...Thanks for that :D

  4. Awww..it's soo cute! i love it! Brilliant stuff

  5. Anonick(Raj), great job. Charmaine, you too. You guys make a great team. Keep it up.