18 February, 2007

Limericks + A Poem

Sorry for the plus sign, it's the product of too much math. I'm studying hard for my exams, which begin on March 1. I may not be able to post frequently till March 12, so forgive me. I may post some limericks, poems, but no posts of consequence. Another short story and the first "conversation" might have to wait till mid-March.

BTW, Do check out a guest essay by Charmaine about her thoughts on Science and God, in the previous post (scroll down).

Anyway, so here I begin:
One day in a house too smallThere moved in parents, kids, all
Their grandparents
And relatives, in torrents
The poor house won't survive this fall!

I hope you "get" this one (don't worry if you don't, it's my mistake then, can't do everything in 5 lines ;-) ):

"My love, I've brought, something thorny,
To wear in bed, and make you horny"
"But my flower, honey,
It's not the money,
On a rose like you, thorns look corny!"

A foresightless man in Damascus*
Created a terrible future fuss
By inventing writing
(Tho not lighting)
I wish he'd know how he's affecting us!

We study all day, from books very thick
Which, in turn, makes us very very sick
Why didn't he die
Or just speak, lie
And if he did write, why make it stick?

*actually, writing was invented in Mesopotamia, but Damascus is pretty ancient too ;-)

Rhyme on time

I tried to do an Odgen Nash here, kind of. :-)

The discovery of rhyming,
Made me overjoyed!
I had skill and timing,
That made others annoyed.

I started with dental
Came up with rental
Transcontinental, Oriental
Gentle, Mental,
It was detrimental.

I couldn't concentrate, concatenate,
I'd always be late at the gate
At this chiming rate.

No substance, no content,
There's no instance of intent.
Just rhyme, no intelligence.
Too much time, little elegance.

As far as I can remember
I've always had rimes
Since 28th of December
Or before that time.

I guess it's prenatal
But it'll be fatal.

Lol, well, that was silly, but, do comment! :D


  1. Well, I enjoyed the limerick about the couple; but I don't really 'get' the fuss about the Ogden Nash variety of rhyme, it is quite irritating to even read. Any fool can make two lines rhyme...

  2. Good luck with your exams! Make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat right so you don't burn out :)

    Anyway as always I loved your poems and thanks for posting my guest post :)

    And Abscondingsoul, if any fool can make two lines rhyme, why didn't you write your comment in that format just to prove it? :P

  3. I loved the rhyming one. I agree with charmaine, it's not easy to rhyme AND put forward what you want to say at the same time.