04 February, 2007


Need I say more? This is the hundredth post (counting two unposted drafts...) on this blog. So, time to celebrate, remember the past, etc.. ;-).

The first limerick here was posted on 4th may 2006, and then this blog was only limericks. But afterwards, I started to expand, began writing some personal posts, some about pseudoscience. It was in August that this blog became Bestest Blog of the day, and that cheered me up to no end. The limericks were absent during December-January, where I felt that i was at the nadir of my creativity. But the tide is rising again, or so I hope.

I have made quite some friends due to this blog, most notable Anne and Laevanesce. And I've found that I can write good poems, nice stories, and can actually keep a blog up for more than a month. Anyway... to rejoice this occasion, here are a few limericks and two liners:

A hundred posts, it saith unto me!
And I was, like, filled with glee
But then I realised
That the thing I prized
Was not the blog, but the money!

*Er, kidding. Seriously, I don't get a cent from the google ads here. lol.


A blog too personal
Won't outlast it's arsenal
A blog made for readers
Will only get rss feeders

A blog patriotic
Will be visited like the arctic
A blog of conceit
In contests will compete

A blog modest, honest
Will never pass the test
A blog full of rant
Will be treated like Kant

A blog of poetry
Might survive into History.
A blog meant for none
Will be, in thousands, one.


There was a man from down under
Who was afraid, terribly, of thunder
When a storm struck
He'd curse his luck
And throw everything around, asunder.

His friends would very often wonder
What caused him to fear thunder?
"Is it the sudden noise?
That scares little boys?
He's afraid that he'll lose his toys!"

Tired of all the teasing, he went under
A clouded sky, to face the thunder
His friends were amazed
And he was praised
Now they call him the "boy wonder"!

Well, that's all for this post... hope everything goes well, and I find myself writing the 200th, 300th post of a very popular blog ;-) (Mine is the "Gets only rss feeders kind lol.)


  1. Congrats for reaching the landmark, dude.

    Well I have been associated with anonick as his comment mate, we comment on each other's blogs, besides being 'too close for comfort' friends. I have been commenting on this blog since July and i have had many arguments, differences and squabbles with anonick. but I am proud of the fact that i have been an integral part of this journey 'coz i believe i have been the biggest critic of his blog. The Limericker has helped me grow as a blogger too. We've had a lot of fun blogging together and I hope that continues for years to come. I am proud of ya mate!

  2. You make me smile!

    hey... RSS is practical, and yeah, you are on my RSS list :P

    Congrats on the 100th, kiddo ;-)

  3. OMG! I am like, soooooooooo proud of you! 100 posts! Wow.

    Well, in typical me style I've got nothing all that inspirational to say except


    Don't stop now :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! And awesome poem..I'll reach 100 maybe after two more years, at the rate I'm going.

  5. Hey, it's #100! Congratulations on a long-running and entertaining blog; here's hoping for more ^^

    (sorry I haven't been around too much lately; basketball season just ended so I should have more time)