13 November, 2006

Limericks, again!

Life is a knife

For a man to be survive as human
He doesn't have to be Paul Newman
And drive cars like hell
And act so very well
He should just know to use a handgun.

He must, to find love on earth
Not be worried about giving birth
Just find a female
Who won't fail
In recognising his character, and girth.

And of course, he needs a job
So that, he can be a total snob
And rise to power
Over the ones lower
On his death, no one will sob.

That was't intended to be funny, just... real.

However, here are a few traditional limericks :D.

There was an old man of Rhude
Who decided to be more than rude
But he found thievery noble
And murder was global
And raping he thought too crude.

There was a young bard of Bard
Whose wife was very much jarred
When on the first night
In spite of pills right
The bard couldn't get it very hard!

There was a guy from Wonderland
Who could do everything with one hand
If you think this limerando
Will contain some innuendo
Hey, everybody does it with one hand!


  1. Well cool limericks. Guess our Limericker is back! And with a bang!
    I have been very critical of him in some of the previous posts where he posted limericks, but now I know that the talent still speaks. Enjoyed the last three lims. Didn't enjoy the poem much though. (I have always maintained that I like the funny ones more.) They were quite refreshing and the use of sexual insinuation was terrific. To put it succinctly, it hits the spot!

  2. Giggles! Those were fun!... Hmmm... I really sounded like an airhead, didn't I? Ah well...

  3. Good lims~ I particularly like the very last one ^^