17 August, 2006

Limericks are back!

Well... A friend told me that I am moving away from my core strength, which is limericks. I am writing longer and longer posts, with fewer and fewer limericks.

Hehe, the limericker is not dead yet. :D Limericks Rule!!!

A young man, much loved by all
Had a fight with a man very tall
The latter, ignorant was he
Went straight for the knee
But instead, knocked out one ball!

A farmer not charmer was Issac*
Moody, and broody, was shy 'Sac
But he discovered
What all revered
He thought, not, about "skills I lack".

Newton ;-)

Such a boring dull mystery
Is this subject of history
That I'd rather
Help my father
Make some nice fish curry.

Jumped on women when he found 'em
30 children had Jack, to astound 'em
He spent his savings
To fulfill their cravings
Someone should've told 'im about 'condom'!

OK, Now a poem, I know it ain't my best work, but I'm progressing. :D.

A match made in hell
A witch and a preist
They used to dwell
In the cave of a beast.

The priest disliked it
It was his decree
But she did disagree
And the decree hiked it.

"A preist needs a church"
"I need mice"
"They make me lurch"
"They have tasty lice."

To see who's boss
They went to court
Fate decided by a toss
A lawyers' resort.

Divorce, by the toss
Made 'em say "drats!"
'Cause she got the cross
And he the cave and rats!


  1. Finally we have some fun limericks, a delightful departure from the serious ones. And four limericks in one post! I don't remember that happening in a long time. And a terrific poem to wash it all down, if anyone's got a limericks overdose. One thing I found odd was the oblique reference to the mystery friend in the opening lines of the post....
    Wonder who the 'friend' was ; but anyway, bless that soul!

  2. These are good limericks. They are really funny. You have talent(I am not a talent agent).


  3. Yay, the light limericks are back! I liked #2 (Newton), but the condom one was definitely the funniest to me, good work XD

    For "a match made in hell", some of the rhymes seemed forced. However, the concept is fun, and I really liked the quoted stanza and the twist in the last stanza (the poor priest~). Then again, that's not much surprise; you're really creative ^^ Just need some practice with the mechanical/technical aspects.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting as often; I've been busy with school. I *do* try to keep up with reading your entries though!