11 July, 2006

Some limericks again!

Well... I hope the fun never stops ;-). Here is one limerick:

A candidate giving speech for election
Suddenly got, on the stage, an erection
He became the scapegoat
But he got all the vote
Of his area's women-section!

I always try to be creative, but that's not always possible. Here is a kind of limerick I created... I call it the " footnote-limerick". ;-) The five lines have five footnotes, which form another limerick:

Why is my calendar still on January? ... 1
Why isn't it even the same century? ... 2
Why is the time wrong ... 3
Why playing an oldie song? ... 4
Am I going back in time (for free)? ... 5

1 It's July when I'm writing this lim
2 It's the 12th now (can see yer dim)
3 Well, it is, ya know
4 I do like the tune, tho
5 Maybe I downloaded a freeware time sim.

It's the first of the kind, I think. :D

And here's a funny one, I think:
"The have and havenots", "The wedded and wedless"
I can make my own: "The bedded and bedless" *
It's wednesday,
The bedless say,
"This limerick writer has GOT to be headless"...

Do comment :D.


  1. quite creative .i haven't seen anything like this before! the footnote limerick is a great idea . a class apart.

  2. I love your poems. Lymericks are deceptively difficult to write (like haiku) you seem to pull these off with surprisingly few dubious rhymes :) :P And they never fail to make me smile (or think, depending on the situation)

  3. clever! i love it...especially the footnote one!